Hope and Health Lecture Series Kick-Off

Intergenerativity: Innovating School to Help Students and Seniors Thrive

February 17, 7 p.m. EST

Join Drs. Peter and Cathy Whitehouse, founders of the original Intergenerational School, for a discussion of the academic research and philosophy that inspired them to take a new approach to elementary education.

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Academic Articles and Resources

Optional Pre-Reading Materials for Mar. 24th Conversation

Summaries and Pre-Reading Material

The three pieces represent a mix of scholarly research and real-world experiences. Together, they show how connections across generations can be cultivated, fostered, and embraced to promote health, community, and - of course - learning. Click to read.


A Model of Intergenerativity:

How the Intergenerational School is Bringing the Generations Together to Foster Collective Wisdom and Community Health. Click to read.


Intergenerational Reading Rooms: Lessons Learned from The Intergenerational Schools

How can schools become vibrant intergenerational settings? To explore this question, we focus on
the Intergenerational Reading Room (IRR) component of The Intergenerational Schools (TIS) model
established in Cleveland, Ohio. Click to read.