Top 10 Reasons to Attend Intergenerational Schools

Top 10 Reasons to Attend Intergenerational Schools

The Intergenerational Schools serve K-8 students at two tuition-free public charter schools in greater Cleveland. Our small neighborhood schools grow the next generation of community leaders through a balanced, whole-child approach. Here are 10 ways we build a solid foundation that opens doors to incredible opportunities.

1. 100% Tuition-Free

We believe it is possible, and equitable, to close the achievement gap with a quality public school education. That’s why we offer every student a 100% tuition-free high quality education that prepares them for learning, higher education and success in life. 

2. 25 Years of Excellence in Education

Our schools were started by an educator and child psychologist who specialized in special education, not a business person or corporation. Throughout our 25 years of operation, our innovative model has been recognized and awarded for excellence in student results and programming numerous times. And we’ve supported thousands of students to achieve personal and academic success, many of whom come back to proudly share their stories with us and even work with us.  

3. Small, Safe Schools

At the Intergenerational Schools, everyone knows your name and cares about your success. We maintain small classes--with a max size of 16-20 students per class, with early ages at no more than 16 - and we build a safe and inclusive learning environment that welcomes the talents, interests, experiences and cultural heritage of every person. 

4. Multi-age, Developmental Learning Model 

We honor each child’s unique developmental learning journey by organizing our schools into small, multi-age classrooms that allow us to meet each child where they are. Dynamic grouping and peer-to-peer teaching nurture and challenge each student's strengths and areas of need, while also providing time for essential support, and teacher looping. Having students for more than one year helps build strong teacher-family relationships. 

5. Foundational Skills for a Bright Future

The Intergenerational Schools utilize a workshop model that fosters collaboration, active learning and individual mastery of benchmark goals while creating time for small group and 1:1 support from our caring teachers. Our teaching style is authentic and relevant, not based on memorization of facts, and supports the needs of all students while celebrating their uniqueness and culture. 

6. Learning Together Fosters Lifelong Learning

By partnering with members of long-term care facilities, high schools and universities, we grow mutually beneficial relationships between our students and their older learning partners of all ages. Research shows students and elders alike gain a cognitive and emotional boost from the sense of purpose and joy that comes from learning together. 

7. Field Trips, Clubs, Sports & So Much More

Learning is about real-life experiences, whether that is playing on a team or exploring our city. We take advantage of the opportunities for education and culture in our community by extending learning beyond the classroom. Students participate in several field trips a year in addition to our monthly long-term care visits. We also have a variety of after school opportunities for sports (like basketball, volleyball, track, cheerleading), gardening, poetry, art club and more.   

8. Character & Leadership Skills for K-8

Building relationships within the school across grade levels and with community members nurtures strong character and leadership skills in our students. Our students know how to interact with others in positive ways and understand their responsibility within our greater community. Older students have many opportunities to act as role models and mentors for younger students. We also empower our older students to grow their leadership skills as the facilitators of the intergenerational visits, helping their younger peers connect with the older residents.  

9. Holistic Approach

While our students consistently meet or exceed academic benchmarks, we believe it is our holistic approach to learning that nurtures these achievements rather than a primary focus on any test. Students at Intergenerational Schools receive art, yoga, and gym, as well as a broad curriculum in social studies and science. We seek to build lifelong learners who can think critically, engage authentically, contribute meaningfully, and lead confidently within their families, communities, and the world at large. 

10. Community is Everything

As true neighborhood schools, we know our community is our greatest asset. Parents join their child in the classroom for events like Literacy Day and attend our frequent family events, such as our Fall Fest, Paint & Sips, cooking classes, Spring Thing, family dance, and a Block Party designed to bring Intergenerational families together. Our community truly feels like family.

Ready to get started? Applications for the 2024-25 school year are now available on our website. Follow the link to enroll or call us at 216-978-0568 for more information. We can’t wait for you to join us. 


About Intergenerational Schools 

For 25 years, Intergenerational Schools has served the greater Cleveland area with exceptional K-8 academics in a unique multigenerational learning community. We empower a love of learning through a holistic approach that includes personalized learning, enrichments, and healthy relationships. With two neighborhood schools in Buckeye and Ohio City, we’re closing the achievement gap by providing a high-quality, tuition-free education to all. Our award-winning programs build confident, capable students who contribute to our extraordinary community. Get to know the Intergenerational Schools today: Where children thrive and community grows


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